Should I have wedding favours? yay or nay?


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This is my first post on my new blog. Hope you like it! 🙂

When planning their weddings, what do brides-to-be concentrate on first? The photographer or the florist?  Their dream dress or venue? There is no universal answer to this question.  However,   what we do know is that favours, if any, usually come last. So are favours even necessary at weddings?


Whether you find favours at weddings or not does depend on a few conditions. First, what country the wedding takes places or the origin of the bride and groom. Where I come from, France that is, you can’t really get away with not having them as part of your big day. Your guests will expect to go home with their cute box or organza wrapped  bundle of dragées (sugared almonds). Some will keep them as a souvenir and those with a sweet tooth will give in to the temptation of opening up the little parcel and will let the delicacy sugar coat gradually melt in their mouth until the almond is revealed. Some say that they symbolise sweetness of love and the bitterness of life. A less romantic and more’ ironic’ type would see  the perfect representation of marriage, sweet at the beginning, bitter after a while, but I personally disagree-Well most days anyway 😉  But then again, the French are VERY traditional.


Here in the UK, favours can take on many different forms, they can be edible, for example, cookies, sweets, chocolate but also lately, homemade jam and even paradoxically, French style macarons. You can also have drinkable favours (mainly alcoholic) or ‘gifty’ type ones such as bath bombs, mini photo-frames and candles. Sadly, couples often treat favours as ‘extras’, depending mostly on the size of their budget. To reduce the cost, the creative couples happily embracing the DIY wedding trend may decide to make their own ones.  Some won’t bother having any at all, considering they simply are a waste of money. What a shame if you ask me, because not only it’s your chance to thank your guests for sharing your special day with you by giving them a small token of appreciation but also if done in a creative way, these cute little adds-on  that reflect both your wedding theme and  personalities are another opportunity to wow them and make them smile. So, although not technically necessary, should you have favours at your wedding? Yes, definitely! As long as you as you plan them carefully, I promise you, everyone will love them! If not, well, that’s because they’re only jealous ; )


We can make favours that reflect your tastes, from 50’s polka dots to vampire chic. Prices range from £1.99 to £3.50 depending on filling. We can fill them with sugared almonds, mini marshmallows, tears from a baby dragon…Whatever you like!

There are more designs on our website.

A bientôt! xx


3 thoughts on “Should I have wedding favours? yay or nay?

  1. I think favours can be a great way for couples to show a bit of personality but it is such a shame when they are left behind, so couples do need to think carefeully about what their favours are, I think if they are food or have a real personal meaning they can be a real hit and are less likely to be left behind.

  2. I love favours and also feel bad when I see them left behind. The more arty, creative, personal the better. I always wonder if people consider where people will put them after the big day? Pegs are good to put them up somewhere etc. Or cute little photo frames and a link to the togs website for guest photos…

  3. ah yes favours! I did a similar post not too long ago as it is a funny subject wherein I think public is divided over ‘nice’ or ‘necessary’! When they are thoughtful, personalised and reflective of the couple then I think they’re lovely and guests will find it a lovely gesture. But I don’t think anyone said a wedding was AMAZING because of the favours alone 😉 its just a small bit that helps add up to the day’s amazingness (when done nicely) methinks.

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