A sailor’s love: An alternative nautical themed wedding


Laetitia and Franck live in Marseille. They’re into tattoos, alternative lifestyles and each other. They aren’t planning to get married but wanted to do something unusual for their 4th anniversary. I offered to organise a shoot that truly reflects their fun personalities and love for each other.


I was born and raised in Marseille. so of course, I am a little bit familiar with the place. I chose Le Panier, for its winding narrow hilly streets.  Always hiding little surprises around each corner such as quirky shops, yummy food and Les Goudes to honour the geographical location of the city.

A seaside themed photo shoot there may sound totally cliché, but with my team of fab suppliers, we worked with nautical symbols such as anchors, wheels, boats, sea shells …and turned our creations into something fun and rock’n’roll!


The whole thing was brilliantly captured by Julie Siddi and Med from Bleucitron production.

Not only are Julie’s photos the most eye pleasing but they also tell a love story as honest and as warm as the Southern French climate!

In order to stick to the theme, Med included aerial views of Marseille. For extra impact, he added camera plans from different angles which gave the illusion there were several machines shooting at the same time. The two sets reflect a common artistic approach and highlight two different aspects of love and relationships, hence the music choice, a punchy song, ‘Cecilia Ann’ by The Pixies along with  a more romantic and ethereal one ‘Song to the siren’ by This Mortal coil.


Our gorgeous tattooed bride, Laetitia wore two glamorous Elsa Gary’s dresses along with her own vintage dress.  As well as beautiful veils from Kelly Spence and a magnifique headdress from GG’s pin-up couture.  For her piece, she chose colours that were vintage in style, deep reds, gold and dusky blues for a different twist on the traditional nautical scheme of red white and blue, together with a wooden boat for an eccentric touch. Make up wise, Lisa Le Louet gave her two different looks, a 50’s one with fake lashes and another one with coral and grey tones to create a more modern and smokey effect.


Franck was just himself that day, posing in his usual Fred Perry polos and funky shoes.

For flowers, John from Digitale put together an amazing collection of unusual floral pieces and using a mix of Protéas, astantias, dried nigellas, silver brunias, hortensias, freesias, foliage and eucalyptus. I absolutely loved the bouquets tied with nautical rope and golden thread.

Lesa from I Heart Buttons Bouquets created the vintage button and brooch bouquet and added the perfect brooch for this theme. She then based her bouquet around it incorporating antique and vintage buttons along with a gold glitter tulle collar.


The cake made by moi, was decorated with shells, golden buttons and glitter. I also created matching cupcakes and cookies which I carefully arranged on a fishing net together with other seaside themed items.  The kitsch light included in the scene was used as reference to Notre Dame De la Garde, which is to Marseille, what the Eiffel tower is to Paris.


For stationery, Catherine from Vintage Loves Roses created the cute invite and tags we attached on the net as a table plan.



There are more photos here on the mighty Rock n Roll Bride 🙂



Lau xx


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