Winter brings Spring: A rustic Easter inspired bridal photoshoot

The shoot was inspired by the proverb ‘No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow’.  
Kathryn Hopkins, super talented fine art wedding photographer, sent me photos of a naked  cake I made for a wedding she photographed last year. You can see some beautiful images on Style me Pretty here. I literally fell in love with her style so I asked her if she would be interested in collaborating on a spring inspired editorial, which I wanted to be very organic and natural.  Suppliers bought this together with the use of natural textures and surfaces, such as rings inspired by twigs and sycamore seeds, flowing calligraphy on the stationery, and dresses in soft lace and silk.  These elements where combined with items that symbolised spring to us; the little eggs and birds.  The proverb inspired Rebecca Avery Flowers to forage for the remains of winter and combine with lots of foliage, keeping flowers to a minimum, something often seen at the beginning of spring as everything starts to bloom.  Make up was kept dewy and natural, and the hair in a soft roll and tuck design with delicate plaits to compliment the detail of the lace dress. Here is the result. I hope you lovelies like it. Thank you Fern from Rock My Wedding for the feature. 
A bientôt
Lau xoxo

Photographer:  Kathryn Hopkins Photography           

Jewellery:  Lucy Sylvester                                               

Headdress:  Rebecca Avery Flowers                           

Make up: Joyce Connor

Hair: Aimez Vous Hair & Beauty

Cake Maker:  French Made London                               

Flower Girls Dress: I Love Gorgeous                                           

Stationery:  Paperknots                                                     

Furniture Hire: Vintage Style Hire                                       

Wooden Plates: The Living Lounge

Film Scans: UK Film Lab

Brides Gown: Made by Kathryn Hopkins Photography

Décor/Styling: Rebecca Avery Flowers & Kathryn Hopkins Photography


2015 another year of naked cakes

2015 was all about naked cakes. Just like 2014 and 2016, and we LOVE it!

Here are some of our favourite creations.

Sylvanian Mr and Mrs Sylvanian

Hessian Our signature cake with Langues de chat biscuits!

_AM70540copy Wild flowers and berries

Photo Kathryn Hopkins

flemingphotobowling038 Rockabilly!

Photo Lexi Fleming


White roses, berries and foliage Wedding photography by Paola De Paola

Photo Paola De Paola

Jay Anderson Fine Art Photography - Game of Thrones Styled Shoot 035 Game of Thrones inspired

Photo Jay Anderson

SA_190915_154413-10 Finally!

Photo Love That Smile

f4327cf1bb5b439ac72293c804aa9e2f Vintage

Semi-naked themed cakes decorated with a figurine, a bunting, fresh flowers and berries Unicorn lover

Bring on 2016!

A bientôt!

Lau xxx


Different type of wedding cake toppers: What can you top your cake with?

A little while ago I saw a post on one of my favourite blogs Rock n Roll Bride about cake toppers and I thought I could show you a few that were selected to be placed on my cakes.

Personalised wooden heart

IMG_5238  IMG_5226

                                              Flowers: TJ

Little wooden people

geek                                   Photo: Alexa Loy, Cake topper: Genefy Playground

beth and anto                                                     Photo: Paola De Paola

Asya                                                        Flowers by Rebel Rebel

Old-fashion plastic couple

(from my own wedding, awwww, kitsch??? I knoooowwww)

Wedding                                                     Photo: Paola De Paola

Here it is in action.


Oops, no sorry, I’d already taken it off…

Cute Animals

Sylvanian Family Bride and Groom and mini bunting


Old-fashion ceramic swans

coco 1

Feathery little birdie

coco 2

More birdies


Photo: McKinley-Rogers, Flowers: Ladybird


Artificial flowers


Photo: Kat Forsyth

Fresh flowers

Kate and Jason 0581

+ Personalised Stationery

Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-08Photo: Kat Forsyth, Stationery: Vintage Loves Roses, Flowers: The Vintage Floral Design Co

+ Berries

naked cake                                                         Photo: Urban Bridesmaid

Usual cake toppers

Such as this one, made of seashells, brown sugar and flowers!

Vintage-Nautical_Julie-Siddi-40-576x384                                                     Photo: Julie Siddi


These Star Wars figurine. Why not?

AL3A8430-X2                                               Photo: Yellow bird photography

Annnnnnnd, that’s it for now. Etsy is a good place to find cool cake toppers I think.

So, which ones do you prefer?

A bientot!

Lau x

How much does a wedding cake cost? Your wedding cake and your budget

Bonjour! It has been a while. Too busy baking beautiful cakes for lovely couples this wedding season ;). Today, I would like to talk about how to choose your wedding cake according to your budget.

WeddingFirst, let’s not forget that wedding cakes are real artistic creations individually designed by your cake maker. It is bespoke and made to order to meet your personal requirements. Of course, the price is primarily determined by the cost of the ingredients and size of the cake but also the level of decoration required and the time spent on it.

Here are a few points you may find useful to understand how your cake is priced.

  • The choice of covering.

Sue&Neil1                                   Photo: Nabeel Khan

You can usually choose between buttercream, cream cheese frosting, fresh cream, chocolate ganache, royal icing fondant icing, marzipan etc… Fondant icing and marzipan tend to be more expensive due to the original price and time spent one it.

beth and anto

                                               Photo: Paola De Paola

Naked cakes should be cheaper as they require less work but it does depend of what decoration you wish to go for. Summer berries are quite costly, even more so in the winter!

naked cake

                                   Photo: Urban Bridesmaid Photography

  • The choice of decoration

The possibilities are (almost) endless, lace, ribbon, sugar flowers or figurines, fresh flowers or fruit. Again, price and time spent will determine your final quote.

  • The choice of structure and height.


Photo: Paola De Paola

You may go for a single, 2/3/4 tiers etc…

french-made-gateau-mariage-8                                  Photo: Heline Bekker

The height of each tier could be standard (approximately 3”), higher (4”) or double (6”). Obviously, The higher the more expensive as more ingredients used, time spent and materiel such as cake boards and dowels.

So ask yourself the question, do you want a tall cake to impress but not necessarily one that caters for all your guests?

Why not add fake, polystyrene tiers that will add to the height. These are cheaper than a real one.

Abby & Feisal                                                Photo: Paola De Paola

  • The choice of the shape.

Classical shapes are square or round but there are also other possibilities such as oval, heart-shaped but be aware that fancy shaped will add extra cost especially if it requires a special baking tin.

  • The cake topper

geek                                              Photo: Alexa Loy

                                             Cake topper: Genefy Playground

Sugar flowers or fresh ones. couple figurines, wooden initials. Try, they have a fantastic range of toppers. Personalised or not.

Voila. A bientot!

Lau xx

Pretty in Pink at Brixton East, London: A vintage modern wedding for the quirky bride.


Hello lovelies,

My good friend and amazingly talented London photographer Paola De Paola, and I had been planning a bridal styled shoot for a long time. We were joined later by an awesome team of suppliers such as Natalie and Guy from Curious Fair, with helped out with the planning  and the props and the styling on the day and many many more! Kiki the fabulous organiser of Chosen Wedding Fair loved the idea so much she asked us if she could use the images and video as a promotional shoot for her 27th April lovely event. We said ‘OH YEAH!’ 😉

‘The Chosen Wedding Fair was created in 2012 by a frustrated bride-to-be, and has steadily been growing as it aims for a fresh and fun way to discover and design your own unique personalised wedding. Chosen work very hard to handpick each exhibitor and they are fortunate enough to showcase excellent talent from bespoke designer makers and vintage aficionados in the surrounding area.’ 

The shoot that took place at alternative wedding venue, a Victorian warehouse Brixton East showcases a modern vintage romantic ‘secret wedding’ which offers a fresh approach just like the Chosen Wedding Fair aims to do. “We really wanted to show how contemporary styling could bring a different look or edge to a vintage styled wedding, offering an alternative fresh look to what is already lovely, but may have been done before. Finding Brixton East was a fantastic part of the journey in planning the shoot, the brickwork walls, wooden flooring and rustic feel set the perfect backdrop for the playful ‘secret wedding’ shoot bursting with colour, excitement and a lot of tiny details to bring the wow factor to life.”

And here are the results. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Wow, wow, WOW!
















And here’s the AWESOME video:


Location: Brixton East/ Photographer: Paola de Paola / Designer + Stylist: Curious Fair /Headpieces: Curious Fair / Cake Designer: French Made / China + Props: Mrs Terrence / Hair + make up: Cristina Pala Hair Make up / Decor : The Sweet Hostess / Promoter: Chosen Wedding Fair / Flowers:  Ladybird Flowers  / Veil: Kelly Spence Bridal Design / Suit: Tweed Addict / Dresses: Days of Grace Vintage / Videographer: Love Storage  /Models: Adeline & Scott


The National Vintage Awards 2014: Votes are open!


Hello lovelies,

We’ve decided to enter the competition this year so please, vote for us!!

Follow the link then click on ‘Best vintage event service and supplier’ and French Made. It’s us. Thank you so much. Pass the word round, it would be great! 🙂


Lau xx

How to choose your wedding photographer

So here it is: Happy New Year!!!

I guess a few lucky couples got engaged over the Christmas holiday (Yay!!) and now, it’s planning time!! A good way to start is to look into photography.  So this week, we’re very lucky to have a guest post, written by one of the best London wedding photographer, Kat Forsyth.

‘It’s a big day, your wedding. You’re pledging a lifelong commitment to someone AND hosting the biggest party of your life. It’s epic, and tearful, and joyous.  And all that stuff your friends told you about the day going by in what seems like five seconds? It’s true.  It speeds by in the flashiest of flashes.

I know it’s a cliché and it gets said so much that it sounds like car salesman speak, but your photos really are the only thing you have left after the wedding is over (and, of course, your videography, if you’ve chosen to have that as well). And when your wedding is over, and everything seems to come back down to earth in a Monday-like state of depression, you’re going to want those photos. A lot more than you thought you ever would. They’ll be what you hold onto once the glitter of your wedding day has settled. And the last thing you want is to realise that you weren’t happy with the photographer you chose.

Okay, so you have to choose the right photographer. But how?


 1.  Style, style, style

Your photographer’s style is the most important thing you should be looking at. There are so many photographers out there that it can seem completely daunting to begin. But it’s actually a good thing. Use the plethora of photographer websites to find out what you like. Look at everything you can find – go all the way to page 100 of Google for “wedding photographers” if you want – and save every site you like.  Don’t think about why you like it, just save it. Then come back to that list and go through them again. You’ll probably start to see a pattern emerging. Fashion-inspired or sweet and vintage? Moody portraits or light, fresh tones? Laughing couples or stylish poses? Think about which pictures you’d like to see yourselves in.


 2.       What will they do with YOUR wedding?

Once you’ve found the style you love, go back through those photographers’ past weddings (fortunately, almost everyone has a blog these days, so this is easy), and find wedding locations that look like yours. I don’t mean go back through five years of weddings and then give up if nothing looks exactly like your wintry, light-filled loft venue, but it’s no use falling in love with sunny woodland weddings in California, and wanting that same look for your 3pm indoor winter wedding in the UK. A photographer’s style should be consistent, but even they can’t change the natural light! So see how they tackle circumstances similar to yours, so you know what to expect.

Caveat: this doesn’t mean that if you’re a heavily-tattooed couple having a Pokemon-themed wedding that you should disregard photographers who have never shot a tattooed couple or a Pokemon wedding. It’s not about what they’re shooting, it’s HOW they shoot it. In fact, they’d probably be thrilled to photograph something different!


 3.       You like them, you really like them

Your photographer is going to spend your whole wedding day with you.  A lot of the time – like during the ceremony – you’ll be all eyes on your almost-spouse, and you won’t even notice your photographer being a ninja in the background and getting those photos of everyone crying. But during portraits, family group shots etc, they’ll be front and centre, and they’ll be asking you things and telling you to do stuff. Even the most ninja photojournalist type has to interact with you at some point. So you have to like them. It’s a stressful day, and the last thing you want is someone who rubs you up the wrong way being there all the damn time. So I do recommend trying to meet with them, if possible. Have a Skype session if you live too far away.

Having said that, I shot more weddings this year where I hadn’t met the couple than ones where I had. It just isn’t as important to some people, and that’s okay – but it is nice to know who you’re going to be seeing a lot of on your wedding day, I think! Plus I like to have fun with my couples – I like to know they want to have fun with me, too!


 4.       Price

It had to turn up some time, didn’t it? It’s a dirty word but it’s necessary, because obviously you’re forking out a lot of money for this event, and the photographer is yet another thing you have to pay for. But it’s a thing that’s worth prioritising, because it really is all you have to show for all the other things you paid for. I can’t advise you what to do, because everybody has a different budget and a different view of the value of things, but please, don’t skimp on photography! It will make the world of difference afterwards. Remember that you’re not just paying for someone to show up and take photos, like your friend with a camera could – you’re paying for your photographer’s creative eye, their knowledge, their experience, their equipment and backup equipment, and their artistic process when it comes to editing.


 5.       See all the photos

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few photographers you love, ask them if they can show you a couple of full weddings. You want to see what you’ll be getting, right? It’s great that photographers are now showing lots of photos per wedding on their blogs, instead of portfolios of their 20 best images ever, but even if they show 80 and deliver 500, that’s 420 photos you’d like to see, to make sure they really do know what they’re doing! And what sort of stuff they’re photographing. For instance, I don’t put too many guest photos on my blog, but I do take a lot. My blog visitors might not be as interested in seeing scores of shots of people they don’t know as they would in seeing the emotions in the ceremony, or beautiful bride and groom portraits, or pretty details, but when it’s your wedding, you’ll want to see those pictures of everybody having a good time! Or you’ll want to make sure your photographer gets shots of every tiny detail you crafted with your blood, sweat and tears for a year before the wedding. Whatever’s important to you, make sure it’s something your photographer generally does cover. (I know, it’s weird that they wouldn’t, but after my wedding I didn’t receive any photos of my guests except for the dancing shots, and a friend of mine got incredible portraits of herself and her husband, but hardly any detail shots. It happens).


In a nutshell

Basically, the shortened version of the above is:

When you’re looking at wedding photographers, if you love their photos, if you can see yourself in those photos, if you like them as a person and can manage to afford them? BOOK THEM. The end.’



One word: WOW.

Kat Forsyth, is a London-based wedding photographer – and also musical geek, obsessed movie-list-maker… and chocoholic.

She lives in North London, but is often back in South Africa, where she’s originally from. At the moment she shoots weddings all over the UK, or even abroad, so give her a shout if you’re planning a destination wedding! She loves to travel.