Your wedding cake: Consultation and tasting sessions/ sampling.

Hello my dear friends,

Recently, one of our tasting sessions has had the privilege to be photographed by very talented wedding London photographer Matt Bedenoch. I would also like Ana and François, our lovely couple.

So if you are thinking of booking one with us, this is what it looks like.

French Made | Matt Badenoch Photography-3

You will given yummy cakes to samples and a nice cuppa. In a A-HA cup. NOT obsessed with the 80’s 😉

We will discuss flavours and design. French Made | Matt Badenoch Photography-11

French Made | Matt Badenoch Photography-9 And sizes!

And any other requirements.

Please note that consultations costs £10 which are redeemable against your order. They are run from the comfort of our home in IG8. By appointment only. Get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

A bientôt.

Lau xxx


The seating plan: What to do?


Here are 4 different options that will allow you to keep your hair on when planning your big day (you will need it!).

Creating a seating plan can be a difficult process.  Where do you start? How do you divide your guests equally and keep everyone happy at the same time?

Well, first of all, my advice is to wait until the last minute. Some people will inevitably drop out and the last thing you want to do is keep reshuffling.

Option number 1: Forget about the sitting plan!

etsy don't pick a side pick a seat sign north carolina wedding planner

(Found on Etsy)

If you plan a relaxed, Boho style wedding where your guests enjoy a giant paella or barbecue, go for total freedom: Have NO seating plan.

Option number 2: A shorten version.


For wedding with 100+ guests, it might be a good idea to have a plan of some sorts. You could allocate tables to groups of people rather than choosing the actual seat for each of them.

Option number 3: An even shorter version.


 This is where tradition and anticonformism meet half way. Have a plan for the bride and groom’s table only.

Option number 4: The full Monty.

Seating chart

Recommended for weddings with 60-80 guests including a seating down meal. If you’re like me, some sort of perfectionist control freak, this is the best option for you. Some people may be unhappy about your arrangements on the day. Well, smile, have a glass of bubbly and let your best man, your bridesmaids or your wedding planner deal with it!

So, try to sit people together according to their age, religion, political opinions, interests and not necessarily according to whom they are related. Picture this, it is cringe guaranteed:  Your teenage cousin, Tom who is into some Swedish black metal bands having to sit next to his Aunty Sharon, who although a sweet lady keeps talking her garden flowers and some random facts about her fellow church goers .

Also, avoid having a whole table composed of nothing but single people. It may seem like a good idea when creating your seating plan and a lovely thought indeed (awwww), but TOO obvious and VERY awkward.

I guess your priority is to offer everyone a FUN day. You know yourself, your other half and your guests, then you will do the right thing 🙂

Soon, I will be posting examples of pretty, original table plans. So, watch this space!

Lau xx