Your wedding cake: Consultation and tasting sessions/ sampling.

Hello my dear friends,

Recently, one of our tasting sessions has had the privilege to be photographed by very talented wedding London photographer Matt Bedenoch. I would also like Ana and François, our lovely couple.

So if you are thinking of booking one with us, this is what it looks like.

French Made | Matt Badenoch Photography-3

You will given yummy cakes to samples and a nice cuppa. In a A-HA cup. NOT obsessed with the 80’s 😉

We will discuss flavours and design. French Made | Matt Badenoch Photography-11

French Made | Matt Badenoch Photography-9 And sizes!

And any other requirements.

Please note that consultations costs £10 which are redeemable against your order. They are run from the comfort of our home in IG8. By appointment only. Get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

A bientôt.

Lau xxx


The cost of delivering and setting up a tiered naked wedding cake at your venue.

Bonjour lovelies,

A few couples have asked me how most cake designers calculate their delivery and set up costs. So I wanted to write this blog post to explain how it was being done. I hope you’l find it helpful.

I think naked cakes cannot just be dropped off at the venue, they need to be set up and decorated there and then, the main reason being the cake, being uniced will dry out if left out too long same applies to the fresh fruit and flowers we use for decoration. Secondly, it should be placed in its final spot and not moved about after set up.

As you can imagine, weekend or not, driving around London can be tricky (all that traffic and all those restrictions!) so it takes us approximately 3 hours to get to the venue, deliver and set up a naked cake. Obviously, it has to be reflected in the price.

So here is a recent one. Such fun!

IMG_4621 IMG_4648

Cutting and placing the flowers on the cake.

  IMG_4682  IMG_4666

Placing the fruit and dusting with icing sugar.

IMG_4684  IMG_4672

Placing the cute toppers (awww). So Mr French Made, what do you think?

IMG_4668 IMG_4685

Adding the final touches. Tadaaaaaaa!

A bientôt!

Lau xxx

How much does a wedding cake cost? Your wedding cake and your budget

Bonjour! It has been a while. Too busy baking beautiful cakes for lovely couples this wedding season ;). Today, I would like to talk about how to choose your wedding cake according to your budget.

WeddingFirst, let’s not forget that wedding cakes are real artistic creations individually designed by your cake maker. It is bespoke and made to order to meet your personal requirements. Of course, the price is primarily determined by the cost of the ingredients and size of the cake but also the level of decoration required and the time spent on it.

Here are a few points you may find useful to understand how your cake is priced.

  • The choice of covering.

Sue&Neil1                                   Photo: Nabeel Khan

You can usually choose between buttercream, cream cheese frosting, fresh cream, chocolate ganache, royal icing fondant icing, marzipan etc… Fondant icing and marzipan tend to be more expensive due to the original price and time spent one it.

beth and anto

                                               Photo: Paola De Paola

Naked cakes should be cheaper as they require less work but it does depend of what decoration you wish to go for. Summer berries are quite costly, even more so in the winter!

naked cake

                                   Photo: Urban Bridesmaid Photography

  • The choice of decoration

The possibilities are (almost) endless, lace, ribbon, sugar flowers or figurines, fresh flowers or fruit. Again, price and time spent will determine your final quote.

  • The choice of structure and height.


Photo: Paola De Paola

You may go for a single, 2/3/4 tiers etc…

french-made-gateau-mariage-8                                  Photo: Heline Bekker

The height of each tier could be standard (approximately 3”), higher (4”) or double (6”). Obviously, The higher the more expensive as more ingredients used, time spent and materiel such as cake boards and dowels.

So ask yourself the question, do you want a tall cake to impress but not necessarily one that caters for all your guests?

Why not add fake, polystyrene tiers that will add to the height. These are cheaper than a real one.

Abby & Feisal                                                Photo: Paola De Paola

  • The choice of the shape.

Classical shapes are square or round but there are also other possibilities such as oval, heart-shaped but be aware that fancy shaped will add extra cost especially if it requires a special baking tin.

  • The cake topper

geek                                              Photo: Alexa Loy

                                             Cake topper: Genefy Playground

Sugar flowers or fresh ones. couple figurines, wooden initials. Try, they have a fantastic range of toppers. Personalised or not.

Voila. A bientot!

Lau xx

Pretty in Pink at Brixton East, London: A vintage modern wedding for the quirky bride.


Hello lovelies,

My good friend and amazingly talented London photographer Paola De Paola, and I had been planning a bridal styled shoot for a long time. We were joined later by an awesome team of suppliers such as Natalie and Guy from Curious Fair, with helped out with the planning  and the props and the styling on the day and many many more! Kiki the fabulous organiser of Chosen Wedding Fair loved the idea so much she asked us if she could use the images and video as a promotional shoot for her 27th April lovely event. We said ‘OH YEAH!’ 😉

‘The Chosen Wedding Fair was created in 2012 by a frustrated bride-to-be, and has steadily been growing as it aims for a fresh and fun way to discover and design your own unique personalised wedding. Chosen work very hard to handpick each exhibitor and they are fortunate enough to showcase excellent talent from bespoke designer makers and vintage aficionados in the surrounding area.’ 

The shoot that took place at alternative wedding venue, a Victorian warehouse Brixton East showcases a modern vintage romantic ‘secret wedding’ which offers a fresh approach just like the Chosen Wedding Fair aims to do. “We really wanted to show how contemporary styling could bring a different look or edge to a vintage styled wedding, offering an alternative fresh look to what is already lovely, but may have been done before. Finding Brixton East was a fantastic part of the journey in planning the shoot, the brickwork walls, wooden flooring and rustic feel set the perfect backdrop for the playful ‘secret wedding’ shoot bursting with colour, excitement and a lot of tiny details to bring the wow factor to life.”

And here are the results. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Wow, wow, WOW!
















And here’s the AWESOME video:


Location: Brixton East/ Photographer: Paola de Paola / Designer + Stylist: Curious Fair /Headpieces: Curious Fair / Cake Designer: French Made / China + Props: Mrs Terrence / Hair + make up: Cristina Pala Hair Make up / Decor : The Sweet Hostess / Promoter: Chosen Wedding Fair / Flowers:  Ladybird Flowers  / Veil: Kelly Spence Bridal Design / Suit: Tweed Addict / Dresses: Days of Grace Vintage / Videographer: Love Storage  /Models: Adeline & Scott


A Most Curious Wedding fair: 4th-5th April


Hey Lovelies,

It’s been a while, I know… But I was involved in soooo many exciting projects, I didn’t have time to write much…I can’t wait to share them with ya all!

One of the most exciting things coming up for French Made is exhibiting at A Most Curious Wedding Fair for the 3rd time. This year, it’s on 4th-5th April in Hackney Downs Studio. How cool does that sound, hey?Image

I LOVE it! Let me tell you a little bit about it.

‘A Most Curious Wedding Fair is the bridal event for the expressive, style savvy , design-loving and fashion-forward couple.

A Most Curious has a love affair with fashion and evolves and follows it wherever it may go. Yes 5 years ago the emerging fashion was vintage and we were aaaalll about vintage, we’re not ashamed! But it isn’t anymore, its still there, we still love it, you still love it and it will be at our fairs, but it isn’t the overriding theme.

Now on our eighth fair, A Most Curious has taken a solemn vow to bring brides and grooms the very latest fashions, with the foresight to be changeable, en vogue and never tired or standing still. If it’s beautiful, fresh, fun and cool or just about to be cool, we will incorporate it into our wedding fair so it can, in turn, can be incorporated into your big day.

Most Curious and it’s handpicked exhibitors draw inspiration from the lifestyle trends around us, yourlifestyle trends, not weddings trends, weddings shouldn’t have trends, they should be about you having fun and being creative, dreaming big and most importantly an expression and celebration of who you are as a couple.

A Most Curious Wedding Fair encapsulates that with it’s mix of innovative, design-led suppliers, fashion shows, entertainment, styling, activities, music and performance.

Those things you can’t quite put your finger on but you know you want it on your day? We’ll find it for you.’

AND my very talented super duper London Photographer friend, Paola De Paola will be there too!

Simply perfect 🙂

A bientôt!

Lau xx

The seating plan: What to do?


Here are 4 different options that will allow you to keep your hair on when planning your big day (you will need it!).

Creating a seating plan can be a difficult process.  Where do you start? How do you divide your guests equally and keep everyone happy at the same time?

Well, first of all, my advice is to wait until the last minute. Some people will inevitably drop out and the last thing you want to do is keep reshuffling.

Option number 1: Forget about the sitting plan!

etsy don't pick a side pick a seat sign north carolina wedding planner

(Found on Etsy)

If you plan a relaxed, Boho style wedding where your guests enjoy a giant paella or barbecue, go for total freedom: Have NO seating plan.

Option number 2: A shorten version.


For wedding with 100+ guests, it might be a good idea to have a plan of some sorts. You could allocate tables to groups of people rather than choosing the actual seat for each of them.

Option number 3: An even shorter version.


 This is where tradition and anticonformism meet half way. Have a plan for the bride and groom’s table only.

Option number 4: The full Monty.

Seating chart

Recommended for weddings with 60-80 guests including a seating down meal. If you’re like me, some sort of perfectionist control freak, this is the best option for you. Some people may be unhappy about your arrangements on the day. Well, smile, have a glass of bubbly and let your best man, your bridesmaids or your wedding planner deal with it!

So, try to sit people together according to their age, religion, political opinions, interests and not necessarily according to whom they are related. Picture this, it is cringe guaranteed:  Your teenage cousin, Tom who is into some Swedish black metal bands having to sit next to his Aunty Sharon, who although a sweet lady keeps talking her garden flowers and some random facts about her fellow church goers .

Also, avoid having a whole table composed of nothing but single people. It may seem like a good idea when creating your seating plan and a lovely thought indeed (awwww), but TOO obvious and VERY awkward.

I guess your priority is to offer everyone a FUN day. You know yourself, your other half and your guests, then you will do the right thing 🙂

Soon, I will be posting examples of pretty, original table plans. So, watch this space!

Lau xx

Should I have wedding favours? yay or nay?


Hi peeps!

This is my first post on my new blog. Hope you like it! 🙂

When planning their weddings, what do brides-to-be concentrate on first? The photographer or the florist?  Their dream dress or venue? There is no universal answer to this question.  However,   what we do know is that favours, if any, usually come last. So are favours even necessary at weddings?


Whether you find favours at weddings or not does depend on a few conditions. First, what country the wedding takes places or the origin of the bride and groom. Where I come from, France that is, you can’t really get away with not having them as part of your big day. Your guests will expect to go home with their cute box or organza wrapped  bundle of dragées (sugared almonds). Some will keep them as a souvenir and those with a sweet tooth will give in to the temptation of opening up the little parcel and will let the delicacy sugar coat gradually melt in their mouth until the almond is revealed. Some say that they symbolise sweetness of love and the bitterness of life. A less romantic and more’ ironic’ type would see  the perfect representation of marriage, sweet at the beginning, bitter after a while, but I personally disagree-Well most days anyway 😉  But then again, the French are VERY traditional.


Here in the UK, favours can take on many different forms, they can be edible, for example, cookies, sweets, chocolate but also lately, homemade jam and even paradoxically, French style macarons. You can also have drinkable favours (mainly alcoholic) or ‘gifty’ type ones such as bath bombs, mini photo-frames and candles. Sadly, couples often treat favours as ‘extras’, depending mostly on the size of their budget. To reduce the cost, the creative couples happily embracing the DIY wedding trend may decide to make their own ones.  Some won’t bother having any at all, considering they simply are a waste of money. What a shame if you ask me, because not only it’s your chance to thank your guests for sharing your special day with you by giving them a small token of appreciation but also if done in a creative way, these cute little adds-on  that reflect both your wedding theme and  personalities are another opportunity to wow them and make them smile. So, although not technically necessary, should you have favours at your wedding? Yes, definitely! As long as you as you plan them carefully, I promise you, everyone will love them! If not, well, that’s because they’re only jealous ; )


We can make favours that reflect your tastes, from 50’s polka dots to vampire chic. Prices range from £1.99 to £3.50 depending on filling. We can fill them with sugared almonds, mini marshmallows, tears from a baby dragon…Whatever you like!

There are more designs on our website.

A bientôt! xx